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Access your brain with Unicorn Hybrid Black.

A Brain-Computer Interface for Open Minds

Are you a neuroscientist, an engineer, an artist or a programmer? Or simply a talented open mind who wants to do awesome stuff with brain signals and brain-computer interfaces? Say hello to the Unicorn Hybrid Black, the wearable EEG headset. You want good data. Unicorn Hybrid Black will deliver. Let your ideas come true.

  • High Signal-to-Noise Ratio with 24 Bit and 250 Hz
  • Wireless Unicorn Hybrid EEG Electrodes for dry or wet recordings
  • Real EEG recordings for many BCI application fields such as neuroscience, neuromarketing or arts
  • Correct positions of EEG electrodes for real brain wave recordings
  • Top-quality EEG data acquisition and processing
  • High-end brain-computer interface (BCI) applications
  • Wearable EEG headset for everyday use
  • Integration of Unicorn Brain Interface into custom design
  • 4096 times oversampling to increase signal-to-noise ratio







Gin Tonic Alpha Wave Enhancer

How do you like your Gin Tonic: Hendrick’s, Botanist or Edinburgh Gin? Rosemary, cucumber, lime or pepper? In November 2018, the Cocktail Festival “Roboexotica” took place in Vienna, Austria where the most ambitious and playful cocktail-mixing robots have been shown…





Digital Animation

Corteza artworks by Alex Guevara explores the human brain by measuring brain activity with a BCI based on the perception and behavior of a subject. The project was realized with a Unicorn Brain Interface and the Unicorn Simulink Interface in combination with TensorFlow.






“The Unicorn Brain Interface offers a high professional level accompanied with intensive mentoring and support by the team of g.tec neurotechnology which lead to astonishing results and gave the visitors of the Ars Electronica Festival some interesting insights in the many application possibilities of this pioneering neurotechnology.”

Gerfied Stocker
Artistic Director of Ars Electronica, Austria





Agent Unicorn

“My EEG project Agent Unicorn would not exist without the Unicorn Brain Interface – two magical forces combined!”

Anouk Wipprecht
Fashion-Tech Designer, Netherlands






“The BCI Hackathons are great because they bring people together with such diverse backgrounds that would not otherwise have met and interacted. This cross fertilization of ideas and backgrounds is paramount to generating out-of-the-box ideas, especially for an area that is so interdisciplinary as Brain-Computer Interfaces.”

Tiago H. Falk
Director of MuSAE Lab, Canada


Unicorn Hybrid Black Amplifier

Unicorn Hybrid Black
The Hardware

The Unicorn Hybrid Black is a high-quality wearable EEG-headset for brain-computer interface (BCI) applications to perfectly acquire brain waves. Developers, artists and makers are able to acquire and process brain signals, ranging from simple display of the signals, to design and control attached devices or interact e.g. with artistic installations, toys, computer programs or applications.

Users can not only acquire EEG data from eight Unicorn Hybrid EEG Electrodes, they can analyze and process the data with the Unicorn Suite, the main software environment. EEG data is sampled with 24 Bit and sampled with 250 Hz per channel. Unicorn Hybrid EEG electrodes are patented and allows to record dry or with gel and therefore enables the usage for many different BCI applications. The electrodes are placed per default on the:

  • sensorimotor cortex to realize motor imagery based BCIs,
  • over the central, parietal and occipital areas for P300 paradigms and
  • over the parietal regions for steady-state visual evoked potential (SSVEP) and code-based VEP paradigms.

In order to provide perfect noise reduction, reference and ground EEG electrodes are fixed on the mastoids of the user. The Unicorn Brain Interface is wearable and extremely lightweight to reduce movement artifacts. It fits perfectly to different head shapes and keeps the device in position. This guarantees the solid contact of the electrode to the scalp which is key for high quality EEG recordings. The battery lasts for 2 hours. Status LEDs show operational status of the device.

Unicorn Suite Hybrid Black

Unicorn Suite Hybrid Black
The Software

The Unicorn Hybrid Black is fully programmable and comes with the Unicorn Suite software environment that includes the Unicorn Recorder, Unicorn C API and Unicorn .Net API to acquire, visualize, store data or to perform real-time analysis of brain activity.

The Unicorn Suite Hybrid Black requires Windows 10 Professional, 64 Bit, English language and a computer (minimum 2GHz, 20-30 GB harddisk, 4GB RAM, a Bluetooth Adapter with Bluetooth 2.1 + EDR support). For Unicorn Recorder, Unicorn C API and Unicorn .Net API the NET Framework 4.7.1, Desktop development with C++ workload and Microsoft Visual Studio 2015 are required.

Unicorn Recorder

The Unicorn Recorder application visualizes and records brain activity of 8 positions on the head (FZ, C3, CZ, C4, PZ, PO7, OZ, PO8). The data can be notch and bandpass filtered to suppress artifacts or to extract certain frequency bands like alpha and beta. The data is stored in XML format and can be read by self-made programs or can be loaded with the optional offline processing toolbox g.BSanalyze from g.tec.

The Unicorn C API application is a C/C++ application programming interface (API) enabling the communication with the Unicorn Brain Interface from C/C++ applications. The Unicorn C API allows users to acquire data from Unicorn Hybrid Black.

The Unicorn .NET API application is a C# application programming interface (API) enabling communications with the Unicorn Brain Interface from C# applications. With .Net API, there is no need to take care of low-level data acquisition issues, the raw binary data stream is converted into physical values that users receive to analyze.

Unicorn Speller

The Unicorn Speller is a spelling software that uses the P300 paradigm and comes with the Unicorn Sphero and Unicorn Painting applications. Different speller boards consist of letters and numbers for communication and characters for control purposes. The user has to concentrate on specific characters on the speller board in order to select them mentally. For that reason, the Unicorn Speller also contains a predictive feature for faster character selection. Once the character is recognized, a dynamic stopping feature stops the flashing. All flashing characters are overlaid with pictures of famous people to generate a stronger brain response (P300). This supports users to select faster and to maximize their accuracy. The characters of Unicorn Speller boards are customizable and can be sent via the Unicorn Speller network output to external applications. Please note that the Unicorn Speller requires Windows 10.

Unicorn Speller
The Unicorn Simulink Interface license is not included in the Unicorn Suite.
Unicorn Simulink

Unicorn Simulink Interface

The Unicorn Simulink Interface is a library enabling the communication with the Unicorn Brain Interface from MATLAB Simulink applications. The Unicorn Simulink Interface allows you to read recorded data into Simulink and to perform real-time processing. The raw binary data stream is converted into physical values such that the user receives data ready to analyze. It requires MATLAB and Simulink 2017a with the Signal Processing Toolbox. The Unicorn Simulink Interface license is not included in the Unicorn Suite.

Unicorn Python API

The Unicorn Python API is a Python application programming interface (API) enabling the communication with the Unicorn Brain Interface from Python applications. Unicorn Python API allows users to acquire data from Unicorn devices easily without having to take care of low-level data acquisition issues. Furthermore, the raw binary data stream is converted into physical values such that you receive data ready to analyze. It requires Python 3.3, Microsoft Visual Studio 2015, Update 1 and Python Development Tools.

Please note that the Unicorn Python API license is not included in the Unicorn Suite.

Unicorn Education Kit

Unicorn Education is a complete teaching solution that is designed for schools and universities to make biomedical engineering, neuroscience, neurotechnologies and signal processing accessible to everybody. Students can quickly get started running brain-computer interface experiments with P300 or motor imagery.

Include Unicorn Education in your classes and let your students get in touch with a high-quality and modern brain-computer interface technology that is easy to use and fully programmable.

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