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Unicorn Hybrid Black

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(Delivery in January 2019)


The Unicorn Brain Interface is a high-quality wireless EEG-headset for brain-computer interface (BCI) applications to perfectly acquire brain waves. It allows developers, artists and makers to acquire and process brain signals, ranging from simple display of the signals, to design and control attached devices or interact e.g. with artistic installations, toys, computer programs or applications.


8 ch / 24 bit / 250 Hz

The Unicorn Brain Interface acquires EEG from eight Unicorn hybrid EEG electrodes and comes with the Unicorn Suite, the main software application for the Unicorn Brain Interface. The data is sampled with 24 Bit and 250 Hz per channel.

Fully programmable

Every Unicorn Brain Interface comes with the Unicorn Suite that includes the Unicorn Recorder, Unicorn CAPI and Unicorn .Net API to acquire, visualize, store data or to perform real-time analysis of brain waves. The status LEDs are programmable as well.

Ready to go apps

We have high impact applications that can be purchased as full versions or on a monthly basis:
Unicorn Speller, Unicorn Python API, Unicorn Simulink Interface, Unicorn Sphero, Unicorn Painting

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Products Full version Monthly
Unicorn Brain Interface & Unicorn Suite 990 €  
Unicorn Applications    
Unicorn Simulink Interface 290 € 39 €
Unicorn Speller (including Unicorn Sphero and Unicorn Painting) 290 € 39 €
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