There is a big lack on the market of high-quality BCI systems that provide real BCI control with high accuracy and which are affordable for end users. Furthermore, many people never were in contact with BCI systems and don’t know how to use this technology effectively. The Unicorn Brain Interface fulfills this gap and offers high-quality brain wave recordings and applications that match with high accuracy.

The Unicorn Brain Interface is a product of g.tec neurotechnology GmbH which is based in Austria. g.tec develops and produces Brain-Computer Interfaces (BCIs), medical devices and applications that are used in neuroscience research and in clinical environments and provide people with motor disabilities with the chance to communicate or control devices by thoughts. g.tec’s products and research activities have been widely described in peer-reviewed publications, demonstrating the quality of the tools and methods.

g.tec was founded in 1999 as a spin-off from the Technical University in Graz, Austria. Christoph Guger and Günter Edlinger developed the first commercial Brain-Computer Interface (BCI) system at this time. As a producer of state-of-the-art invasive and non-invasive BCI systems with sales and research partners worldwide, g.tec is a leader in the fields of BCI, medical devices, neurotechnology, neurorehabilitation and biosignal processing with branches in Schiedlberg and Graz (Austria), Barcelona (Spain), New York (USA) and Hong Kong.

g.tec’s BCI systems are realized by four major principles: slow waves, steady-state visual evoked potentials (SSVEP), motor imagery (MI) and evoked potentials (EP). The hardware and software of g.tec’s BCI technology can be used in clinical environments or for research purposes such as the analysis of the brain, heart or muscle activity, brain assessments of severe brain injuries and disorders of consciousness, motor rehabilitation after stroke, neuromarketing, deep brain stimulation, brain mapping, neuro prosthesis, communication, painting and closed-loop invasive and non-invasive BCI experiments.

Read more about g.tec’s worldwide BCI research, distributors and products online: www.gtec.at