Corteza by Alex Guevara

“Corteza” is the Spanish word that describes the outer layer of the brain, the cerebral cortex. This is of utmost importance for all human beings, as it plays a key role in memory, attention, perception, awareness and consciousness.

Corteza artworks by Alex Guevara explored the human brain by measuring brain activity based on the perception and behavior of a subject. The project was realized with a Unicorn Brain Interface and the Unicorn Simulink Interface in combination with TensorFlow to record brain waves of a subject and transform them into an artistic visual and acoustic representation, building a bridge between science and digital art. The artistic results varied according to the state of mind, concentration and perception of the subject who didn’t only react passively but could also incite and control the application.

Unicorn Hybrid Black

Unicorn Hybrid Black

Unicorn Simulink Interface

Unicorn Simulink Interface Icon