Unicorn Education Kit

Make your students experts in neurotechnology in only 1 semester!

Include Unicorn Education in your classes for one term and let your students get in touch with a high-quality and modern brain-computer interface that is easy to use and fully programmable.

Teach with Unicorn Hybrid Black

Unicorn Education is a complete teaching solution that is designed for schools and universities to make biomedical engineering, electrical engineering, signal processing, robotics, human-computer interaction, neuroscience, neurotechnologies, psychology or media arts accessible to everybody.

The Unicorn Education Kit includes 8 Unicorn Hybrid Black systems with the complete software environment. Video tutorials, a user manual, a quick-start guide and a GitHub platform help your students quickly start running brain-computer interface experiments.

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The Unicorn Education Kit includes 8 Unicorn Hybrid Black with the complete software environment.

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1 Unicorn Education Kit serves 40 students in teams of 5 for a whole semester.

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Study Phase

Students study the User Manual and Unicorn Tutorials and learn how to assemble EEG electrodes, how to calibrate a BCI system, how to run a P300 Speller, how to interface with a robot and how to send commands to other applications like Unity.

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Development Phase

Teams develop a new application and focus on a certain topic.

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Final Presentation

Final team presentations show demos of the newly developed applications.

Unicorn Education Kit

Teach with Unicorn Brain Interface