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Unicorn Neuromarketing Kit

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Unicorn Neuromarketing Kit includes 16 Unicorn Hybrid Black, 16 Unicorn Suite Hybrid Black and 16 Unicorn Blondy Check Hybrid Black software licenses for neuromarketing and market research. This bundle is perfectly designed for distance teaching in universities.

  • 16 x Unicorn Hybrid Black
  • 16 x Unicorn Gel and Unicorn Sticky Electrodes
  • 16 x Unicorn Blondy Check Hybrid Black

Unicorn Hybrid Black Hardware × 16

Unicorn Hybrid Black hardware.

Unicorn EEG Gel and Unicorn Sticky Electrodes × 16

Unicorn Gel 2 × 250 ml for Unicorn Hybrid EEG Electrodes, 50 × Unicorn Sticky Electrodes

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Unicorn Suite Hybrid Black × 16

contains Unicorn Recorder, Unicorn .Net API, Unicorn CAPI.

Unicorn Blondy Check Hybrid Black × 16

The Unicorn Blondy check is a software add-on to rank pictures according to the importance for your brain.

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UGS : UC-HB-NEURO-KIT-2020 Catégorie :


The Unicorn Blondy Check allows you to rank logos, faces, user interfaces,… according to the subject’s brain response in an objective way. This makes neuromarketing measurable and opens many new opportunities.

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Unicorn Hybrid Black Hardware


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