How do you like your Gin Tonic: Hendrick’s, Botanist or Edinburgh Gin? Rosemary, cucumber, lime or pepper? In November 2018, the Cocktail Festival “Roboexotica” took place in Vienna, Austria where the most ambitious and playful cocktail-mixing robots were shown. Smart machines and robots were constructed to mix and pour drinks for everyone.

The Gin Tonic Alpha Wave Enhancer measured brain activity with the Unicorn Brain Interface Hybrid Black to figure out the stress levels of people. The more a person was relaxed, the less Gin was mixed in the cocktail. However, if a person’s stress level was really high, more Gin was mixed.

This project was realized with the Unicorn Brain Interface and the Unicorn Simulink Interface application. The team used the ratio of alpha and beta waves to affect the mixing ratio of a gin tonic. The more beta waves were measured, the more gin was mixed into the cocktail.

Unicorn Hybrid Black

Unicorn Hybrid Black

Unicorn Simulink Interface

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Unicorn Python API

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