Unicorn Education Kit Mini

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Unicorn Education Kit Mini is a teaching solution for professors, schools and universities to make brain-computer interface, biomedical engineering, neuroscience, neurotechnologies and signal processing accessible for students.

Students can quickly get started running brain-computer interface experiments with P300 or motor imagery. Unicorn Education Kit Mini creates an interdisciplinary environment where students with different backgrounds get a chance to interact and work as a team. This interdisciplinary approach allows more students to learn about BCI technology, providing a new and immersive teaching opportunity with a great value for schools and universities.

The following items are included in this bundle:

Unicorn Hybrid Black Hardware × 4

The Unicorn Brain Interface amplifier with LED bow.

Unicorn EEG Cap Size M × 4

Cap that holds the 8 Unicorn hybrid EEG electrodes.
(Mannequin head not included.)

Unicorn Hybrid EEG Electrodes × 4

8 pieces for dry recordings or recordings with the Unicorn Gel.

Unicorn Sticky Electrodes × 4

50 pieces used behind left and right ears.

Unicorn Bluetooth Dongle × 4

Receives the data on a computer from the Unicorn Brain Interface.

Unicorn USB Charging Cable × 4

Micro USB

Unicorn Suite Hybrid Black × 4

contains Unicorn Recorder, Unicorn .Net API, Unicorn C API.

Unicorn Speller Hybrid Black × 4

Unicorn Speller including Unicorn Sphero SPRK+ robot add-on and Unicorn Painting application.

Unicorn Python API Hybrid Black × 4

Application programming interface for Python.

Unicorn Simulink Interface Hybrid Black × 4

Interface for Matlab Simulink

Unicorn EEG Gel and Unicorn Sticky Electrodes × 4

Unicorn Gel 2 × 250 ml for Unicorn Hybrid EEG Electrodes, 50 × Unicorn Sticky Electrodes

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Unicorn Education Kit Mini includes 4x EEG headsets and 4x Unicorn Suites software to make for teaching brain-computer interfaces, biomedical engineering or neural engineering.

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