Unicorn Speller Hybrid Black


Unicorn Speller including Unicorn Sphero SPRK+ robot add-on and Unicorn Painting application.

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The Unicorn Speller is a spelling application for the wearable Unicorn Hybrid Black that uses the P300 paradigm and comes with Unicorn Sphero and Unicorn Painting add-ons. The software offers particular speller boards which consist of letters and numbers for communication and characters for control purposes. The user has to concentrate on specific characters on the speller board in order to select them mentally.

The Unicorn Speller also contains a predictive feature for faster character selection and offers a dynamic stopping feature that stops the flashing as the character is recognized. The flashing characters are overlaid with pictures of famous people to generate a stronger brain response (P300), to select faster and to maximize accuracy. The selected characters can be sent via the Unicorn Speller network output to external applications. Unicorn Speller requires Windows 10.