Unicorn Hybrid Black用于神经营销




只需要在电脑上观看图片,就能得到出色的结果! Unicorn  Hybrid Black和Unicorn Blondy Check是神经营销研究的完美选择

选择一组图片,开始排名,根据用户的大脑反应找出最重要的图片,Unicorn Blondy Check会对每个用户进行校准,并对排名的准确性进行量化




Unicorn Blondy Check插件自带预设图片集来校准和测试排名,您也可在范式编辑器中上传自己的图片



  • 预先定义的图片集
  • 将自己的图片集上传到范式编辑器中
  • 直观的用户界面
  • 适用于神经营销应用和市场调研


为了校准Unicorn Blondy Check,将一些图片作为目标(女孩头像),一些图片作为非目标(灰色森林),以产生一定的大脑反应



选择一组图片,开始排名,根据你的大脑反应,找出最重要的图片;Unicorn Blondy Check会对每个用户进行校准,并对排名的准确性进行量化


g.tec neurotechnology的开发者团队制作了一套图片,照片来自亲密的家庭成员,有男人,有女人,有风景,有插图



I make digital arts in combination with light and audio animation. Since I want to develop all my tools from scratch on my own, Unicorn Hybrid Black was the perfect solution. The brain activity influences my visual arts, every time I start my visualization with the BCI, it looks differently.

Alex Guevara, Visual Artist

The BR41N.IO Hackathon offers a high professional level accompanied with intensive mentoring and support by the team of g.tec neurotechnology. This approach lead to astonishing results and gave the visitors of the Ars Electronica Festival some interesting insights in the many application possibilities of brain-computer interface and neurotechnology.

Gerfried Stocker, Artistic Director Ars Electronica Linz

I chose Unicorn Hybrid Black because it’s simple to use. It doesn’t require much time nor knowledge about how to use it. I think everyone can learn how to use it quickly.

Maša Jazbec, University of Arts in Linz

My EEG project Agent Unicorn would not exist without the Unicorn Brain Interface – two magical forces combined!

Anouk Wipprecht, Fashion-Tech Designer

Our students often request to learn about brain-computer interfaces because its a hot topic these days. So, we use the Unicorn Education Kit to create lab exercises for students in Biomedical Engineering and Smart Home & Assistive Technologies.In one course, we record EEG data and get into it. In another course, we process the EEG data and dive into more technical lessons.

Lukas Traxler, Professor at the University of Applied Sciences, Vienna

Developing a students' creativity is nothing but building the right environment for them. It means having the right equipment with the right expertise in any emerging technology.

Abdelkader N. Belkacem, Ph.D., United Arab Emirates University

We have 4 Unicorn Hybrid Black headsets at University which allow many Professors to create lab exercises in small groups. They record EEG data in the course “Signal Acquisition” and analyse the signals in the course “Processing of Biosignals”. This interdisciplinary approach is important to us.

Lukas Traxler, University of Applied Sciences, Vienna

With the current pandemic, we needed a new approach to remotely train our graduate students on EEG data collection and analysis. With the Unicorn Education Kit, we will be able to let the students bring the EEG headset home, practice with them and thus make sure they are prepared to run their research project at the Tech3lab once we can resume the operation. In other words, the Unicorn Education Kit helps us to reduce the impact of the pandemic on our training and scientific program.

‪Pierre-Majorique Léger, Ph.D., Co-director Tech3Lab at HEC Montréal

I have known g.tec medical engineering for many years and I am used to their top-quality devices. I needed an affordable, small BCI headset that delivers good EEG data quality. So, I chose Unicorn Hybrid Black for our company. We use it for developing and testing VR games. It’s extremely easy to use and I can demonstrate EEG in a short time.

Robert Leeb, Mindmaze

The BR41N.IO Hackathons are great because they bring people together with such diverse backgrounds that would not otherwise have met and interacted. This cross fertilization of ideas and backgrounds is paramount to generating out-of-the-box ideas, especially for an area that is so interdisciplinary as Brain-Computer Interfaces.

Tiago Falk, Institut National de la Recherche Scientifique, Canada






Unicorn Hybrid Black是一款高品质的无线脑电设备,适用于脑机接口(BCI)应用,可完美采集脑电波




Unicorn Blondy Check是一款神经营销软件,根据主体大脑的重要性对图片进行排名。